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It’s Time to Step Up Your Tea Game

If you drink tea on the regular or just enjoy the occasional evening cup, it’s high time you incorporate hemp tea into your collection. Chill CBD Tea offers a collection of freshly brewed, organic herbal teas that all include 30 mg of premium hemp CBD extract. 

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Start Your Day Relaxed and Energized with Naturally Caffeinated Tea

One of the most natural ways to get in your daily dose of caffeine is through black and green tea. While coffee tends to dehydrate you the more you drink it, both black and green tea provide energy while also hydrating your body and mind. When you wake up each morning, your body is dehydrated, which is completely normal. Drinking coffee right away without getting enough water only adds to dehydration rather than alleviating it. Instead of starting your day with coffee, swap it out for Chill CBD Jasmine Green Tea or Lemon Black Tea. 

While the tea hydrates and energizes you, the premium hemp CBD extract helps relieve anxiety and stress about the day ahead of you. You’ll notice a positive difference right away not just in your energy, but in your mood and stress levels as well. It’s truly the best defense you can give your body to start the morning off right.

Give Yourself a Midday Pick-Me-Up

By 2 pm, you’re probably starting to feel the afternoon crash coming on. Whether it’s a headache, body aches, or overall tiredness, it’s not at all uncommon. We’ve all been there, mostly because humans aren’t meant to stare at screens for long periods at a time and work 8+ hours a day. When you notice this feeling, don’t reach for sugar or coffee for a quick boost, it’ll just leave you feeling worse not so long after. For sustained, natural energy, Chill CBD Tea has you covered. 

Most of the time, afternoon slumps are due to a lack of nutrition and enough water throughout the day. It’s important to eat a hearty lunch that includes protein and complex carbohydrates to get you through until an afternoon snack. Combine this with a 16-ounce bottle of Chill CBD Tea and you’ll start to notice just how much better you feel right away. Not only will this keep the headaches and tiredness at bay, you’ll also feel less stressed and primed to take on the remaining tasks for the day. 

Reduce Anxiety to Boost Productivity

It’s often thought that when you’re stressed, you’re more productive due to the motivation to get tasks accomplished. However, when your body and mind are relaxed, this actually allows for more productivity to occur as the anxiety is calmed. Once you’ve calmed the stress-induced anxiety, you can think clearly and put everything into perspective, something that anxiety tends to inhibit. With Chill CBD Tea, you get a delicious hemp tea that hydrates and calms your body and mind. Check out all of our flavors to discover which one is perfect for you. 

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