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The Sweetest Way to Chill Out: Passion Fruit CBD Tea

Have you been looking for a CBD drink that offers more than just CBD? Does it seem like every CBD tea or similar product you find has some CBD, but doesn’t have any health benefits? Have you tried a CBD drink only to think: “well, they probably put some CBD in there, but they forgot to put in any taste?” You aren’t alone. When we designed our CBD drink, we made sure that the CBD was one of the things that separated it from the rest, not the only thing. That comes through in our passion fruit CBD tea as well as our other flavors. 

passion fruit CBD tea

The Passionate Benefits of Passion Fruit 

If you’re on a site for CBD drinks, then you probably already know that CBD can help to lessen and lower your anxiety. However, did you know that passion fruit can help, too? Studies have found that passion fruit can help to reduce anxiety as well. That's not to say that passion fruit can do it as strongly as CBD, but, when you’re trying to chill out, even an extra, small amount can help. You’ll get all of those benefits from our passion fruit flavor, as we use real, organic passion fruit juice concentrate. That means you’ll also get the fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants that passion fruit offers, too. 

CBD and Sweetness

When you’re using CBD to relax and chill out, you’re using it in a medicinal manner. However, we believe that the last thing CBD should taste like is medicine. Our passion fruit tea provides something that very few forms of CBD offer: real sweetness. That comes from the organic passion fruit juice concentrate as well as the organic green tea, too. With all of that flavor, it’s easy to lose track of how you’re getting CBD in this drink, too. Of course, your body will know, as our 30mg of hemp CBD extract is among the highest of any similar product. 

All of the Benefits of one CBD Tea Bottle 

“Free radicals” may sound like the name of a delightful cartoon for children, but they’re actually terrible for your health. These free radicals can cause all kinds of damage to your body. What stops them? Among other things, antioxidants. Our CBD drinks are packed with antioxidants. They can find and stop free radicals before they can harm you. It’s just one of the benefits of our CBD drinks. 

Flavors Beyond Passion Fruit 

Passion fruit is one of our delicious flavors, but it’s just that: one of the flavors. With Honey Rose, Lemon Black, and Jasmine Green, we offer drinks that can boost your health while activating your taste buds. Many of our customers cycle through the different flavors, while others find one they love and stick with it. Even the best, happiest lives can have plenty of stress. Stress can make even the most fun, enjoyable time difficult. With our drinks, you can chill out and relax in a healthy, delicious way. You can see all of our flavors at our site. 

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