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When in Doubt, Chill Out with CBD Infused Tea

Relaxing. Soothing. Calming. That’s what so many of us want after a long day. But, if you’ve been on the go go go all day, as tired as you might be, it can be so hard to just… chill. We get that. It’s a major reason why we created our CBD infused tea. Now, you can have a refreshing, healthy drink that actually relaxes you. Instead of just hoping that you’ll calm down, you can drink something delicious that actually gets the job done. To help with that, we have four delicious flavors available. 

Lemon Black Tea 

The brisk tartness of lemon. The rich flavor of fresh brewed black tea. This CBD tea combines them for the ultimate in relaxation. We don’t believe that you should have to choose between “delicious” and “calming,” which is why we provide the best of both worlds. Also, if a product is going to be listed as “organic,” that’s exactly why it should be. That’s why the main ingredients of this tea are “Organic Black Tea” and “Organic Lemon Juice.” That’s it. We put them together with 30MG of hemp CBD extract to offer something that truly is greater than the sum of its parts. 

CBD infused tea

Honey Rose Tea 

Honey. Just reading the word can bring to mind what it’s like to have that sweetness on your tongue. At our company, we always aim to go beyond what our customers’ expectations might be. So, “Organic Clover Honey” and “Organic Black Tea,” combined might make for a potent, delicious tea in their own right. However, to take the taste and really, the experience of this tea to the next level, we also add in “Organic Rose Flavor.” This tea has a taste that’s all its own, unlike anything else you’ve ever had. 

Passion Fruit Tea

Palm trees. Sand. Gentle lapping of the waves. Lying out in the sun. Those are just a few of the elements of a typical tropical daydream. While we can’t whisk you away to an island paradise, we can offer this Passion Fruit Tea with CBD extract. Exotic passion fruit notes and freshly-brewed green tea will take you far away from the day’s stress, to a place of perfect, tranquil relaxation. 

Jasmine Green Tea

Of all of the different flavors that we offer, Jasmine Green Tea is the most traditional flavor. When people think of a CBD tea flavor, this is the one they think of. So much of that comes from the authenticity of the green tea itself. The freshly-brewed green tea contains so many of what are called “polyphenols.” These are a very potent and powerful form of antioxidants. They have any number of benefits for your body, and they especially support your immune system. 

Can’t Choose a CBD Infused Tea? Try Our Variety Pack 

You might have read to this point and thought: “hey, that all sounds really good, but, uh, I don’t know which tea to start with.” That’s absolutely understandable. They’re each great in their own way. To help our customers discover exactly which tea is right for them, we offer a variety pack. It contains the Lemon Black Tea, the Honey Rose Tea, the Passion Fruit Tea, and even our Jasmine Green Tea. You can experiment and find the most delicious way to relax and unwind. It is possible to “chill out” in a healthy way, that leaves you feeling refreshed. To see everything that we have to offer, check out our site.

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