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Why CBD & Fitness Are A Perfect Pair

For those with fitness on their mind, anything that helps with getting a better workout and staying healthy is always a major plus. These days CBD is a popular supplement for all kinds of reasons, including as a fitness aid. Many people find their fitness regimen improving with a little CBD thrown into the mix. Combine that with the refreshing experience of a chill bottle of tea, and you have the ultimate beverage for working out and getting into shape.  


Why Athletes Love CBD

Currently, CBD is popular among fitness enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. It's essentially used as an aid to enhance the quality of one's workouts by contributing to certain health benefits. Though the true capabilities of CBD are still being studied, their apparent usefulness gives athletes a lot to love.  


Pros For CBD In Fitness

  • Reducing Pain & Inflammation - Strenuous workouts are known to increase inflammation and leave one feeling sore. Some researchers believe there is a link between CBD receptors and a reduction in inflammation and pain. 
  • Muscle Recovery - Anti-inflammatory qualities also help to repair muscles that have been torn from hard exercise, meaning CBD may help improve muscle recovery.
  • Improving Sleep - Researchers also think there may be a link between CBD receptors and sleep, meaning it may also help you rest easier. 
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief - CBD has also become a tentative aid for people with anxiety and stress issues, which may be helpful for athletes who find themselves nervous when approaching big competitions.
  • More Energy - Some athletes even say CBD gives them more energy, though scientific information to back this up is limited.


Cons For CBD In Fitness

  • Side Effects - CBD has still not been studied thoroughly enough to know all its side effects, but it may interfere with certain medications, as well as minor side effects like fatigue, diarrhea, and changed appetite in some people.
  • Product Quality Varies - The amount of CBD and its quality vary greatly between different products. Some may contain very little CBD or no CBD at all. Be sure to look for products with verified CBD content on their labels. 


Chill CBD Teas

For a thirst-quenching boost to your workout routine, be sure to check out our delicious CBD teas. They're made from high-quality organic ingredients, 30 MG of Hemp CBD, and come in four flavors of black tea, green tea, rose-infused, and passion fruit.


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